La Finquita Del Buho, a friendly neighborhood farm who needs a little website facelift to showcase their extraordinary, warm, loving personality which seems to be a disconnect with the current website. 

Information Hierarchy
// The owner update the blog weekly, tons up to date information such as upcoming events, seasonal recipes, harvest schedule, community parties and etc. However, the main page doesn't seem to project the liveliness of the owner/writer. 
Stories Tags
//  Well organized tags on the recipes page.
Photo Updates
// Website seem to be lacking recent pictures
// The long ongoing archive on the side seem redundant 
// Color choice could be more exciting
Execution 01
Execution 01
Execution 02
Execution 02
// Introducing bright color palette to reflect their personality
// Rustic illustration and paper texture to project the organic side of their produce
// Categorize their services into 6 easy-to-understand buttons
// Gathering CSA and event in one section because they usually related to each other
and be inspirational to new members
// Dedicated the following section to the owner's recipes, to appreciated
her for writing recipes tailor to the sessional produces

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