The goal of this project was to revamp a website concept for a ventilation solution company that not only specializes in ventilator but ventilation system as well. The company offers smart building solutions for better air quality and the most efficient. 
This project was to not only create interface design for the website but also consider the overall product showcase and their user experience. To fully understand the company products I have to gain a better understanding of the company value and their unique strength. 
I did some self-study on their company factsheets to get a basic understanding of their products. I went through the entire website, and I can saw a lot of opportunities that we can make the flow faster and easier. The good thing is they have tons of data on the previous website that allow me to take on and break down into smaller useful information.   
I decided to re-organize the entire sitemap from a consumer point of view. It's a product website. User has to know what they are selling at the first glimpse. My thoughts are people seeing what you're selling, what solutions you are offering. Vision page is where they are telling the company story, people behind this great product.
I've simplified the product page and having the full product review on the top as a visual to the preview of their product family as a whole. They can scroll down to learn more or download the catalog. I Created the resources page into a table layout to help process the heavy information, making it easy to navigate. 

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