Event branding is always a passionate and fun project, it is not only a logo design yet event branding involved various stages of different challenges which makes it exciting.
Starting from target audience research; the process of who is the targeting audience, how do we get their attention, how do we speak to them. Production planning; when is the cut off time for print production, color proofing, quality check. Logistic planning; how big is the venue, what kind of direction signs to move people around, how do we make sure things are delivered on time. I always learn so much through working with an event team such as the logistic crew, project manager, production team, videographer, sound system, program director, speakers, etc...
With this project, I came out with an idea of showing bits of a diverse area of innovation for the competition. Therefore, I created this mark with their origin logo in the center, enhanced with icons and rounded up with tagline. 

Right after the event, I proposed to revamp InventOR website so that it carries the brand consistency. I took some time to map out, wireframe and prototype the comp on Figma so that I can run user-testing and gather feedback from faculties who are using the website to promote the competition. 

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