Project brief:
Enhance the functionality of an app
As a college student, I have a good amount of research papers that require a lot of readings, and annotation and citation. Being able to annotate, copy a quote and cite my source would be helpful during the research phase, especially if I can do that while traveling on the bus/train, that would be perfect.​​​​​​​
This is where my idea comes in, a plugin for iPhone's Books app that help tracks your research, manage your clipboard and generate a citation that you can share or email to yourself with just one click.

// The main landing page that shows your recent reads, collections and more.
// Let’s say I’m reading an article on the bus, found a quote that I might use for my research project, I can select the paragraph and I will be given options to copy, cite or tags
// If you wonder where your archive goes?
// You can also access your reference at the landing page, by either tapping on the reference or the project
// Inside your project page, you can see your recent article, citation board
// Let’s say you have complete your project, you have enough reference and you want to generate a citation. You can now be given options to choose work cited style, then you just simply share it to yourself as email or airdrop document
Visit Figma for UX/UI flow Here
Apple Books app is making reading potable and with the newest features, we could target people who are not only reading for pleasure but for the professional and educational audience as well.

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